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Default Help a n00b

Here is my mark06 score:


I can't figure out why I only get ~30fps on the benches, whereas many people with the same config get 60. I'm running vista but I think a 30fps dropoff is pretty high.

CPU-Z has me at ~3.28 (8X410) @ 1.41V. vDIMM: 2.1V 4-4-4-12, 1:1 ratio.

Diagnosis anyone?
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Default Re: Help a n00b

You score is fine.
8821. My score is 8961 with my video card at stock. The 8800 GTS.
With my cpu at 3.4Ghz.

My numbers are close to yours. And they vary slightly every time.

It is perfectly normal. And remember thats only a 3D Mark score. If you games play fine, who cares

These people with 60 fps are they running identical components as you (not sli ?) and the same video drivers on the same os?
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Default Re: Help a n00b

Well okay, I'm not so worried about the score as I am about getting the most out of my hardware. I'm also surprised that OCing the vid card makes up the differential there, but hey that's great.

Here is a dancing banana:

Edit: You're right, the 60fps had to be with 8800GTS SLI.

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