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Question LOTR stress test

Played the LOTR Online game during the stress test and it was one of the few time I want to do physical harm to some one or some thing just from getting so upset from a game.

Not that the game was bad, actually it played just like WOW. But like WOW and many other MMO's I hate the random spawning of baddies. Also I hate the go here and wait along with 200 other losers for this one baddie to spawn and if you do no hit him 1st you get no cred for the kill. (even though the baddie might have been hacking on you for awhile disrupting your spells or attacks) That game play mechanic is just to stupid for words. In this day of Guild Wars and City of Hero's where you can have true fights with a baddie that will know who you are and even mock you using your own name why would a new MMO come out that fails at this simple idea of fun.

Nope after a hour trying to get this one mission done I gave up on the game and will never be going back.

But I am confused, how do you WOW and EQ players put up with the random spawning? Am I missing the idea that makes that fun?
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Default Re: LOTR stress test

Interesting view...
My Take - Some people like instancing, and some hate it. I personlly do not like instancing at all. To me it takes away the Massively Multiplayer part our of the MMORPG name...Most people don't even consider Guild Wars to be an MMO. Others love this sort of thing...

You described pretty much what I have heard. Small world, cookie cutter quests, very little diffentiation in classes, only a few classes etc. etc...I have also heard it's "WoW with the LOTR name on it, but with a smaller world than WoW". I applied for beta long ago, and was interested in the game when it was by a different publisher (It was called Middle Earth Online), but now I just have no desire. I was looking forward to DDO as well, but it was another failed Turbine game. I finally recieved my beta invitation last week for LOTRO, but just gave it to a friend since I'm so addicted to Vanguard ATM. To be fair, it's quite tough to create an MMO based off of and IP like Tolkein, so it's no supprise coupled with the fact that Turbine created it, that it didn't turn out so hot...

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