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Default can't get dualhead separate screens to work

Here's what I'm trying to do:

- I have a Dell 20" LCD, a Vizio 50" plasma, and an NV 7600GT
- The Dell is connected via DVI to the first port.
- The Vizio is connected via RGB through an RGB->DVI plug to the second port.

My Goal:

- I want to use the LCD in full resolution, portrait mode (1050x1680) during normal use.
- I want to be able to dynamically enable the Vizio in order to watch a movie on it (ideally 1360x768, but until I find the modeline it will have to be 1024x768)
- It's not important whether I can drag windows across both screens.

Here are my ideas:

* TwinView *
- doesn't allow me to use the LCD in portrait view and the plasma in landscape view
- To get full screen video to work properly, the primary screen has to be the plasma at low resolution, so the menu bar 'floats' within the lcd screen
- have to change metamodes in order to disable the vizio.

* Separate Screens *
- Can't get it to work.
- How do I dynamically enable or disable the Vizio?


1) How do I switch metamodes using TwinView? Ctrl-Alt-+/- doesn't work.

2) I can't get the separate screens method from the NV Readme Appendix to work.
- If I use the method as described, I get a splash screen (at low resolution) on the LCD and then it goes black, and the plasma displays 'invalid mode'
- I can make the LCD display a proper image by using the "UseDisplay" option in the LCD's Device section, but then the plasma displays 'invalid mode'.
- Using the "ConnectedMonitor" option in the Device sections gives blank screens on both monitors.
- I tried switching the devices (making the CRT screen 0 and the DVI screen 1). This leads to a black desktop with an 'x' cursor controlled by the mouse on the LCD, and 'invalid mode' on the plasma.

3) Would I be able to just run a single display x server on my LCD at all times, but then launch a new x server on the Vizio when I want to watch a movie? If I do that, will both x servers display at the same time, or will I only be able to display one or the other at a time? If this is feasible, how do I set it up?

Attached is my current xorg.conf that works (only displays on the LCD in portrait mode @ 1050x1680).

I will post a bug-report.log for any scenario listed above on request.

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Default Re: can't get dualhead separate screens to work

I am not sure how to disable one but for a dual screen setup I don't use metamodes at all.

In this set-up I have screen :0.0 and :0.1 so you cannot move window but I use it as you mention - work on one, view movie on second.

In any case, read your /var/log/Xorg.0.log to see what Xorg recognize even if it does not work (eg. DFP0 or DFP1, CRT0 or CRT1, etc...)
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Default Re: can't get dualhead separate screens to work

Ikshaar, I looked over your xorg.conf and found where my typos were. Now I have a working setup. I still have some questions:

- I've figured out how to start apps in the other display using the DISPLAY= prefix. The mouse carries over and operates apps fine, but I can't get consistent keyboard activity. I can't seem to return keyboard focus to any app on the second display once I've used the keyboard in an app on the first display.

- Is there a way to start a window or desktop manager in the other display? Right now it's just a blank display with the 'X' cursor, and no window decorations.

- Is there a way to dynamically start up this second display? I only need it when watching movies, and I don't want it chewing up resources the rest of the time (not to mention that the cursor will swing off the right side of the screen into nothingness when the plasma is off).

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