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I like Opera a lot. It works for all the websites I normally use, with some occasional caveats.

3dgpu.com doesn't display forums properly with Opera
7.10. The text is all centered improperly. It's not a major problem as you can still read posts and reply without issues, just an annoyance. Gamestop.com works but comes up wierd - there's a bunch of text that isn't formatted properly at the top of the page. Again, nothing that is so bad you can't navigate around on the site but it is a *bit* annoying.

There are a couple other issues. For one, do NOT install Java VM 1.4 with Opera 7.10. I guarantee stability issues. Use Java VM 1.3. Secondly, you can only sort your bookmark order properly from the hotlist. Trying to sort them in manage bookmarks results in changes that don't stick.

All in all, I use Opera 99.9% of the time. I only use IE for the few sites I rarely go to that require it (like Windowsupdate obviously). The skins are cool and it runs a bit faster than IE from what I can tell.

You can always download it, try it, and remove it if you don't like it. It's pretty cheap to buy...
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I'm enjoying the ride so far .. I chose a different skin although the default one would look nice at first glance but chose something else that would reflect my experience / environment of a few hours of using mandrake linux. .[that caused me to go pretty much anti ms .. I don't know why ..but i figured...geez . i see these progs by linux and are promising .. at least from a simple usage standpoint.. the only prob i had was printing .. it would come out weird on paper ]
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