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Default Re: e6600 modern day cely :)

The point is they're so easy to OC that its bringing ppl like me who have never OCed b/f in their life into the fold. I think he was just braggin about the frame rates like a proud father
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Default Re: e6600 modern day cely :)

"bragging". no not at all. unless my configuration was fudged up, fear is a perfect example. on my fx60 the game went down to the teens in some parts, whereas with the e6600, the worst it bottoms out is in the 40's in heavy firefights. all games running at 1920x1200. the main thing for me is that games no longer bottom out in the teens/20's in cpu limited parts of the game when displaying more vertex data especially in outdoor scenes (oblivion, trl), and #of enemies on screen (cod2), which got a huge improvement in performance. you don't need a fps counter to notice the difference in smoothness in player/screen movement. i haven't finished alot of the newer games because they never ran as smooth/realistic as I was hoping they would when i got the 8800gtx. they do now. was playing more on the xbox 360. i've been buying amd cpus since the k6 after the cely 300a. never jumped on the p3 or p4. i don't post much if at all. so for me to post means how highly i think of this line of dc2 chips.
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Default Re: e6600 modern day cely :)

I never had much of a problem in FEAR never noticed it get as low as you have said even with my 7800GTX's in SLi or 8800GTX. I must try out Oblivion as some parts it did get a bit slow. It wasn't horrible but it was lower then what i would of liked. I am shocked that i manged to get my Core 2 E4300 to 3.33GHz with 1.55v i am really impressed with this cheap CPU which kicks the ass out of my X2 4400+ 2.2GHz @ 2.66GHz which cost me 444 while this E4300 1.8GHz @ 3.33GHz cost me 110
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