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Default Monitor troubles

When i boot up using a CRT the everything is fine and windows boots no problem plays games etc. When i use a TFT i get the first few lines of bios then it goes blank, the monitor light stays green so it is receiving a signal. I have changed the gfx card but to no avail. Can you think of a problem? Im thinking PSU or Mobo but it doesnt make any sense. Thx
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Default Re: Monitor troubles

I doubt if it's your mobo or psu. If it was, it would do the same thing for your crt. Check your dvi/vga cable (if you're using a different cable than the one for your crt monitor.
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Default Re: Monitor troubles

Is the TFT monitor connected through a DVI cable?

A lot of times the graphics card will default to outputting through the VGA adapter, and if you are connecting the TFT through DVI you may have to go and set the default output to DVI.
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Default Re: Monitor troubles

What TFT model and video card are you running?
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Default Re: Monitor troubles

do you let it continue booting or do you just restart it?

if not, let it boot up to windows or w/e OS you have.

if you let it go, does the signal come back when windows starts? i had the same problem a while ago, dont know how it resolved itself
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