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Default Triple head support?


what is the status on NVidia (on linux) and a Triple Monitor setup?
Is it possible to have full 3D acceleration and video on all three heads

I really like TwinView - it beats every other setup - but it only supports

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Default Re: Triple head support?

There are no current plans to provide this functionality.
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Default Re: Triple head support?

Originally Posted by alaric
what is the status on NVidia (on linux) and a Triple Monitor setup?
In order to operate a triple-head setup with full 3D support
across all three displays, you need at least two nvidia graphics
cards: the first card drives two displays in twinview mode
(or as separate "screens") and the second card drives the third
display. Then you combine the two (or three) "screens" with
xinerama. For 3D games, such as UT2004, xinerama scales pretty
well, but there are some minor performance issues concerning
re-draw events when windows are dragged amongst screens
(however, there are partial solutions for that problem).
For cards older than 8xxx series, 3D acceleration is limited
to 4096x4096 pixel, i.e. with my 7800GTX cards, i typically
play with a 3840x1024 display setup while my desktop operates
at 4800x1200 pixel. 3D acceleration does work on this desktop,
but only as long as the window width is smaller then 4096 pixels
(otherwise acceleration is lost and the scene is drawn in software).
For 8800GTX this limitation doen't exist per README, but i made
different experiences.


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