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Default Why two branches of legacy driver?

I'm just curious why there are two branches of the legacy driver.

There's both a 9631 and now a new 7185.

Is nvidia going to continue maintaining two branches? What is the difference between them? Is the 9631 just a way to give legacy cards a GL_EXT_texture_from_pixmap?
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Default Re: Why two branches of legacy driver?

9631 supports more cards and also supports composite. 7185 is for basically really old cards, or also if you want a newer driver, smaller etc. (as you'll notice, both 7184 and the new 7185 are newer than 9631)

I hope they continue to offer this wide range of support, it's really useful, and they seem so far to be committed to doing it. I have to give them a lot of credit for this. In a perfect world, nvidia code would be open sourced, but since we're not in a perfect world, this high level of support is next best.
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