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They're different games, of course. The Thing is of the survival horror genre. I should be picking it up this week for my PS2. Looks way cool. And since it has the music and other elements from the movie, well, I will totally love it. Woohoo!
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Default the thing

has anyone bought or played the game called "the thing" it is a scary/horror game. i just wanted to know if it is worth the money and if it is easy to play it with a good interface/playability. how many levels are there in it?
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I got it last weekend and can't wait to check it out but first I have to install my nice new WD 80GB 8MB cache HD and load it on there

All the lights will go off and I'll jump right into the Thing.

BTW there's a 3 meg patch for download that fixes some bugs for anyone that has the game and didn't know about it.
I got it over at Gamespot.
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Its me! Hurray!
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There is not enough ammo on level 2... I hate using that crappy blow torch!
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Originally posted by [Corporal Dan]

Between that and Deus Ex, i'd pick DX

The story of DX is more appealing.

Also, you are given like NO information about what different skills/attributes do in SS2, so you have no idea how to develop your character

J00 4M LAME!!!!

you get to shoot monkeys in SS2.....MONKEYS!!! If you think sneaking up to a monkey and shooting it in the head isn't fun...well.....I guess i don't wanna know what you consider fun....

The attributes say what they do when you are upgrading them....

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