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Default TV-Out detection problem (DVI-HDMI)


Im having trouble with detecting my tv with my current graphic card.

My setup:

CPU: x2 3800
GFX: XFX 7950GT m570 (heatpipe version)


DVI-HDMI cable: The brand is "AC" i dont really know much about it, its pretty good tho, paid 100$ for it. (If you think this is expencive, you should visit Norway :P)

So, ive used this system without problems for about 3 months now, it has worked perfectly.

But yesterday it didnt find my TV anymore, and i really cant understand why!
Ive tried diffrent force ware drivers without success, and now im beginning to become desperate! Ive even tried to setup a convert-on-the-fly program to stream h.264 movies to my xbox360, but my system couldnt handle it :P

Ive searched forums and read alot of diffrent solutions etc. to simular problems, but i havent been able to figure it out yet. This blows!

Things i have done:
-Tested 84.63 91.33 91.47 92.91 93.71 93.81 force ware drivers.
-xxxx reboots of both tv and pc.
-Tested force detect tv option. This does find a "HDTV" but when i try this it wont give me a picture (tried all the resolution stuff). I might add that it find this "HDTV" regardless if the cable to the tv is in or not :P
-Tested both HDMI1 and HDMI2 input on the tv.
-Tested both DVI out ports on my gfx card.
-Smashed my head in the wall and strangeled my cat.

Anyone have any idea whats wrong? Ill be on nV's irc channel tonight if anyone wanna do live support ^^

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Default Re: TV-Out detection problem (DVI-HDMI)

I have a similar problem on my new Toshiba 37WLT66 though it has never actually worked from day 1.
Everything works via the VGA 'computer' input (though no BIOS screen) but when I try to connect DVI-HDMI I get nothing.
Like you I've tried other drivers and even another PC with different Gfx card but no joy.
My main PC has the Abit NF-M2 Nview board with Nvidia 6150 on board gfx.

next step ...
trying different DVI _ HDMI adapters and cables.
looking into the 'EDID' thing!

keep trying!
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Default Re: TV-Out detection problem (DVI-HDMI)

Bump basically. I know this is quite a common problem but has anyone managed a fix on the windows drivers?

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Default Re: TV-Out detection problem (DVI-HDMI)

Another bump, I have EXACTLY the same problem as stated in the first post
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Default Re: TV-Out detection problem (DVI-HDMI)

Well, I found a solution for my issue... It was the cable, I bought a new one to test and it worked again.
(before changing the cable I switched of the forced tv detection and switched off both my PC and TV)
It's still kinda strange... because my 'old cable' is gold plated, very high quality, only 5 months old and neatly tucked away against and through the wall without any sharp bends or 'stress- areas'. Never had an unexpected power failure or computer/tv ****ups, never came in contact with water of any kind and suddenly... no TV anymore...
Beforehand, I did all the tests crazytore did (my system's practically the same as his too) and I also tried an Svideo-SCART adapter with several of my TV's scart inputs but still nothing...

I'll let my old cable rest for a while and test it again.
I don't know if this could be caused by some sort of static charge buildup or other feedback or something?
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