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Unhappy 4639 and Sis648 (another XFree hang-up)

Can anyone tell me if the 4639 video drivers works with 648 chipsets? I've got one of those motherboads (Gigabyte GASG667), and XFree86 freezes at startup. The installer seems to work properly and does not report any error at all, and checking the XFree86.0.log it seems all OK (AGP is successfully initialized).
I suspect the chipset only because it is not listed in the chipsets supported section of the drivers documentation...
I'm running Mandrake 9.1 and totally noob... so please be patient!

P.S. Sorry for the awful english!
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you don't have a NVidia chipset? but an onboard SiS VGA card?

or not?
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No: the motherboard is a sis648, and the video board is a Ti4200.

Anyway, I resoled the problem by myself just two minutes ago so you can skip it.

Just for the knowledge: the problem was in a secret menu of the bios (discovered only now), that showed the options apic or pic. Needles to say, I chosed pic and instantly rebooted... The only bad thing now is that I must change this option every time i'm going to switch os.
Well, can't ask everything from life...

Cheers, and thanks for the interest! I'm going to test UT2k3 now
P.S: Does anyone know a good software for setting refresh rates and core/mem timings? Though it might be seriously needed...
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