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Default Re: TwinView and games

I have set up my new 64bit machine entirely in the meantime.
I am happily using TwinView, and play UT2004 without problems
"full screen" on my right monitor.

Here is a quick howto that assumes you are running debian and gnome:

1) Download UT2004-LNX-Demo3334.run.gz

This contains a native amd64 binary - you have to run the UT2004-LNX-Demo3334.run on the amd64 machine in order to get it installed. I installed it in /opt/ut2004demo/ (so that I ended up with a /opt/ut2004demo/ut2004-demo script file). I also had it create a symlink
from ~/bin/ (so that I ended up with two symlinks: ~/bin/ut2004 and
~/bin/ut2004demo, that both point to /opt/ut2004demo//ut2004-demo).

2) Test the installation with: file /opt/ut2004demo/System/ut2004-bin

This should return
/opt/ut2004demo/System/ut2004-bin: ELF 64-bit LSB executable, x86-64, version 1 (SYSV), for GNU/Linux 2.4.1, dynamically linked (uses shared libs), stripped
showing that you indeed have a native x86-64 binary.

3) Install devilspie (apt-get install devilspie)

You should have it automatically start when you start X, of course, so
put this file in ~/.config/autostart/devilspie.desktop :
[Desktop Entry]
Name=No name
You can also start it from the command line with:
nohup devilspie > /dev/null &
but first,

4) Add this file as ~/.devilspie/ut2004.ds
    (is (application_name) "Unreal Tournament 2004")
            (set_viewport 1)
            (geometry "1680x1050+1680+0")
The view_port is the first desktop, you might want to just leave that out.
Change the geometry line to match your monitor, and the +1680 to
where you want to display it (my right monitor is 1680x1050, and
my left monitor is +1680 wide as well).

If devilspie is already running, kill it and start it again.
killall devilspie; nohup devilspie > /dev/null &
5) Before starting Unreal Tournament, open ~/bin/ut2004demo in your editor and change the part around exec line near the bottom to this:
# Let's boogie!
if [ -x "${UT2004_DATA_PATH}/ut2004-bin" ]
        cd "${UT2004_DATA_PATH}/"
        sed -i 's/StartupFullscreen=.*/StartupFullscreen=False/' ~/.ut2004demo/System/UT2004.ini
        exec "./ut2004-bin" $*
echo "Couldn't run UT2004 (ut2004-bin). Is UT2004_DATA_PATH set?"
exit 1
that is, add that 'sed' line. This is needed because UT2004 keeps changing it back to full screen for some reason.

6) Edit ~/.ut2004demo/System/UT2004.ini and set the values of
to the size of your monitor (in the section [SDLDrv.SDLClient] !)

7) Add /home/you/bin/ut2004demo to your panel and give it the icon that I attached

Note that if the panel is on the screen where UT2004 will be started, then you need to have auto-hide on and move your mouse away from the panel (so it can auto-hide) in time - or UT2004 might fail to grab the mouse. If the mouse is not responsive, you can exit UT2004 by hitting TAB until 'Exit' is highlighted, follwoed by hitting ENTER twice.

And, this UT2004 after all, I added some screenshots to brag
Die Bitch!

Alaric aka "Decoy"
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