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Question Reinstallation of Windows post motherboard swap?

Well, I've always held the belief that you should do a complete reinstall of Windows after swapping out your motherboard. Specifically this is for XP, dunno about Vista's preferences...

However, I've also heard that you can get away with doing the following:-

-Boot into safe mode
-Uninstall every single device via device manager
-Reboot normally and install chipset drivers, etc

What's everyone's opinion on this? Later in the year I plan do swap my motherboard; I have many, many things set up on my WinXP box just the way I like them ...

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Default Re: Reinstallation of Windows post motherboard swap?

To me it's a matter of hardware. I have a couple rigs That I outdid myself on tweaking and was going from nf3s to nf4 mobos. After doing basically what you said, they run fantastic. I did have to reactivate windows, but it went straight through, no call needed.

Changing brands, AMD to Intel, I've done it to help someone out in a pinch, but I would go the whole route with that.
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Default Re: Reinstallation of Windows post motherboard swap?

Reinstalling Windows from scratch, all apps, games, configuring them, etc., can take 2+ days, that is why I always prefered with Windows XP to try to migrate it, and I had no problems even with P4 singlecore / 478 socket to X2 dualcore 939 socket to C2D dualcore 775 socket...

I did install everything from scratch only when Vista (and quadcore) came. With Vista, because of tilt-bits, I would probably not migrate, but install from scratch, as Vista can be much more "sensitive" than XP.. You can backup all data, including program configurations (most are fortunately not in registry, or can be exported), and copy them back later on.

If migrating, you should start Device Manager with nonpresent items shown, select "Show hidden devices" in the menu, so that you can uninstall even them. To do that, run at command prompt:

start devmgmt.msc
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