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Default Re: Vista and Gaming

Originally Posted by brady
Ok. This basically just confirms my suspision. I just wanted to be sure that I wan't doing something wrong. I plan on building a new machine in the next few months. Since it's going to be a gaming rig I'll be sticking with XP for sure.
Well if you are building a new machine Vista should be fine. With good specs the performance loss is trivial IMO. So you drop form like 267 FPS to like 243 FPS in a game... big deal. Acctually my system now matches its perforamce in XP after some driver updates and a slight OC on the video card. You will notice with Vista simple things like Alt-Tabing out of a game is flawless and smooth and if by some chance your game does crash it does not take the system with it At the very least... duel boot Vista with XP to decide for yourself
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Default Re: Vista and Gaming

Originally Posted by $n][pErMan
So you drop form like 267 FPS to like 243 FPS in a game... big deal.
To me that's a totally unrealistic look at it..
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Default Re: Vista and Gaming

I don't see huge FPS differences in gaming either.

What I did notice is very choppy performance under x64 Vista in "Oblivion" heavy foliage areas compared to XP. The FPS is in the right range yet the play is choppy. I get virtually the same FPS under XP yet running through heavy foliage is very smooth.

These days I mostly game under XP. I do dual boot, so I can run both without issue. Guess I will save Vista for DX 10 titles.
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Default Re: Vista and Gaming

Does anyone know if there's a way to run 32-bit Half-Life 2 in 64-bit Vista? It seems like there should be no reason to force people to run the 64-bit version. From what I hear the 64-bit version absolutely blows and the benchmark I've taken from the 32-bit Counter-strike test showed very little difference in framerate from XP. But the Lost Coast demo that is forced to run in 64-bit mode had a drop in framerate by 50 whole frames. It was still very much playable, but that's a nasty drop.
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Default Re: Vista and Gaming

I think the only problem with vista is most of the IHV drivers haven't matured yet. Every time there is a crash or overall slowness, everybody hops on the blame Microsoft bandwagon, when the vast majority of the time it is due to faulty software that they've installed. But the IHV's aren't entirely at fault just yet - vista has a very radical set of back end changes that it is just going to take time for the driver developers to get used to. These back end changes are very good for the future of personal computing - hell, OSX and linux would do well to adopt similar changes.

This is one of those situations where it isn't really anybodies fault IMO. Just growing pains, thats all. It'll pass.
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