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Where did that BIOS come from... I can't try it as I am still waiting for my replacement BIOS chip.

I asked for tech support from Epox regarding the lockups and they said:


Unfortunately we do not provide Linux support; if Nvidia knows about the issue, hopefully they will issue revised drivers.

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I know it's a "beta" BIOS, but I can't find any beta BIOS' on the epox ftp archive...

I don't mean to say that I can't download it from ocworkbench, just that I am curious as to how/where they get the new BIOS' from.
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Default exccccellent! attention to epox 8rda+ users

Thanx micha_b!!! yr my God!

before your last post, i googled and found 3522 beta bios for 8rda+.
And now i'm happy

i didnot need to "reserve" any certain irqs, and just installed nvidia driver using 4363 installer, and modified XFree86Config(just remove "dri" support and replaced "nv" driver with "nvidia" driver.).
Now i can play tux racer and bzflag

Aran, you can find and download 3522 bios file named "8RDA3522.bin" from the url that micha_b tells us.
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