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Default EBWorld Reviews. LOL!

This thread isn't about which system is the best. It is about stupid people that write reviews. LOL


This guy gave it one start.
the wii isbetter
Reviewed By: Negative guy Date: 6/25/2007 7:24:21 PM
I own a 360 and I want a wii. I want to play with myself all day. The graphics on 360 arent close to what the wii can produce. Get a wii not a 360.
WTF!? LOL! Yeah, the online capability on the Sony Playstations is greeeeeat! Ok, you like the PS3 better, that's cool but don't say stupid things.
Piece of Crap
Reviewed By: Leone Date: 6/20/2007 1:07:19 PM
I regret buying the Xbox 360 the live feature isn't as versatile as the Playstation 2 and 3 online play I had Xbox live for 3 weeks and it started having connection problems while the PS2 lasted years on end with online play.

I don't like the marketplace points system they use it's a ripoff, also the cd drive for the Xbox 360 doesn't close most of the time and after a while it becomes a real nuissance. The hard drive doesn't have much space.

Get the Playstation 3 I regret buying a system from Microsoft.
I like it when a xbox fanboy writes a buttlicking review then says he isn't a fanboy while he trashes the PS3. Then a PS3 fanboy comes on and glows over the PS3 and says the xbox suck then says he isn't a fanboy. LOL

The moral of this story is, people are stupid and we have to confine them to a island off the coast of antarctica before they give us all their suck.
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Default Re: EBWorld Reviews. LOL!

we should totally keep this thread going. Except change the thread title to something like, Fanboy comments. Then try and find the most ridiculous ones out there.....there's plenty.
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Default Re: EBWorld Reviews. LOL!

The previews are even better sometimes...
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Default Re: EBWorld Reviews. LOL!

dont really like the pro!!! not after i played the ps3!!! now dont get me wrong but the motorstorm ie REALLY sweet!!!!!!!! sure the graphics are OK on 360, but ps3 has hi def graphics!!! i love the ps3,but the 360 is kind of a "old classic" compared to it. im not like a fan guy or anything, but the ps3 is really fun. im just not fond of the 360 pro! the 360 gets boring after a little while! so dont get the 360.
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Default Re: EBWorld Reviews. LOL!

Originally Posted by |MaguS|
The previews are even better sometimes...
I know, those really crack me up. I always reserve judgment until I have that particular product to play with.
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Default Re: EBWorld Reviews. LOL!

Saying "I'm not a fanboy, but..." is pretty much the same thing as saying "No offense, but..."

You can bet most people saying the former are fanboys and most people saying the latter are about to offend you.
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