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Default 6800GT and component out

Hi folks,

In my quest to get a decent picture on my MythTV -> CRT setup I'm now considering component out.

My Tosh 32ZP38 has HD576i component inputs. I have an Elsa Gladiac 940GT which is a 6800GT based card. It didn't come with any kind of component dongle of any kind but I'm wondering the following;

Can my card actually do component out?
If so, out of which port?
TV Out = custom dongle (www.scan.co.uk sell the XFX one separate)
DVI = ATI Dongle?
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Default Re: 6800GT and component out

I would carefully read the manual of your card as I'm not sure if the 6800 supports component out at all. (Note there are different 6800 revisions e.g. NV40 / NV41 of which not all might support it)

Is the connector on your videocard a standard s-video one? If so then you are out of luck as cards with component ship with a 10-pins or so 's-video'-like connector. You need to connect a breakout box to it to get real component en s-video.
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