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This card sounds intruiging, even to me.....
Though I fight thoughts of it, Nvidia was my first true love....
I used to have all the fancy Nvidia wallpapers, and custom Nvidia screen icons....
I used to go to Nvidia'a home page and just read stuff...
I bet I had at least ten different hsf combo's on my Diamond Viper 550...(tnt)....
Memories........I love em'

Then I bought an MX440

Even though I'm an admitted fanATic now, I'm still fond of my Nvidia memories.
I feel like a complete dumbass now......
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Does anyone have a 5600 ultra yet? If so, can you comment on its performance running Doom3.
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thats easier said than done...as the 5600 ultra (the new ones) are not available in retail form yet and doom3 is not out
"never argue with an idiot, they will bring you down to their level, and beat you with experience"
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I should have said alpha. As far as 5600U you never know Hellbinder is chummy with Jen-Hsun. He may have given him a card to play with.
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Are any of the new revision 5600s out yet? the bfg or any brand? I might have to build a pc for a friend this week and all he can afford is the 5600 but I want to see if I can find the new 5600.
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Default ...

heh, doubt that'll happen...

On a whim, I emailed bfg asking (begging) for SOME WAY for them to send me a sample for a short time....

heh, i doubt I'll even get a reply...

Can't hurt to ask!

Either way, I'm gettin one soon...

This is what I wanted out of an fx card...


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