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Default 2 Xorg servers, 3.5 heads, 2 cards, 2 keyboard, 3+ mice - realistic?

Short version of question:

Did anybody set up a system that has two entirely separate Xorg servers running, with two keyboards and 2+ mice, when at least one of them is multi-head?

Long story:

My current setup is two machines on 3 displays plus TV:
  • one triple head Linux server with two DVI displays and a TV out on two cards, using 6600GT and 5200 PCI. The second card and TV aren't that important, I could do without, in fact right now I do. The displays fed are an upright 21" full aspect and a 24" widescreen
  • one single-head multiboot for games, a7800 GTX feeding a third display. Obviously each machine has it's own keyboard and both have two mice (one with wheel, one with three buttons). This one only uses one display at a time, but I switch the two DVI ports to either feed a 19" that is for the gaming machine only and the 24". The 24" inch is the same as for the server, I switch the display's input channels when I want to go from movies-on-server to widescreen-gaming

I am so fed up with Windoze now that I will only play games that run on Linux. Natively, vmware, wine, cedega I don't care.

But I can't just do a triple head, because I need a second keyboard and associated mouse for the game screen. Reasons:
  • The various emulators and native games can capture the mouse focus so that I can't go back to the other screens
  • I actually want to give keystrokes to both areas using two keyboards.
  • So I really want two full Xorg servers, each with their own hardware.

So this is the suggested setup:
  • Server gets both the 6600gt and the 7800gt
  • Xserver 1 (keyboard1), port 1 goes to the upright 21"
  • Xserver 1 (keyboard1), port 2 goes to the 24" input 1
  • Xserver 2 (keyboard2), port 1 goes to the 19"
  • Xserver 1 (keyboard2), port 2 goes to the 24" input 2
  • I then switch the 24" between the two cards
  • TV I dunno yet, I probably hook that up to the game X server somehow. Not that important

Is that realistic?

Anybody done it?

How do I tell the Xorg config which keyboard and which mouse goes to which X11 server? What happens if I plug in another mouse?

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