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Exclamation PCLinuxOS 2007 on HP Pavilion tx1221AU with GeForce Go 6150 and MCP51 - Guidance Need

Good day!

I just bought a HP Pavilion tx1221AU notebook (with touchscreen) yesterday and fresh out of the box, I resized the vista partition and installed PCLOS2007. I've previously used PCLOS2007 on my Dell Inspiron 8000 and would like to do same with this tx1221AU unit. The basic spec is as follows:

AMD Athlon 64 Mobile technology TK-53 and 512KB L2 cache (1.7GHz)
160 GB Hard Drive
12.1 WXGA high-Definition Brightview Widescreen Display
Integrated touch screen
Nvidia GeForce 6150
Integrated Ethernet
Fingerprint Reader
Vista premium

The full spec can be viewed here

After installation from the LiveCD is done, upon boot up, I got the following issues:

Sound(Not working)
I got the following error message after login
"Sound server informational message:
Error while initializing the sound driver: device /dev/dsp can't be opened (No such file or direcotry)
The sound server will continue, using the null output device"
I checked in the PCC-> Look at and configure hardware and noted that it detected the soundcard as "MCP51 High Defiinition Audio"
Tentatively, as this is not a top priority concern, will resolve this later...

Graphic(Partially working) Need urgent help on this!!!
I didn't get any error message but the "3D Desktop effects" were disabled / not supported.
Under PCC, the graphic card was identifed as GeForce Go 6150
I then use synaptic and installed dkms-nvidia_97xx together with the relevant additional required changes... after restart, i got a black screen... i tried restarting many times already but it is always the same..i get the black screen with no feedback or error message whatsoever.

I get this blackscreen everytime i chose "linux" from the GRUB menu on startup. I also get the blackscreen when i chose "linux-nonfb". When i chose "failsafe" from the GRUB menu, i will get at a command prompt...

(A workaround?)
I sort of "discovered" this workaround on my own as i fiddle around with the command prompt tat i got from choosing "failsafe" from the GRUB.... this command prompt seems to be of the root user... i typed in "startx" and voila! i got into the KDE gui as root user.. it seemed to have gotten the correct driver as i will see the nVidia logo splash screen, and then i will get the beautiful GUI...the 3D Desktop Effect was enabled too and i was able to run Beryl without a problem...

I then logged out and found myself back at the command prompt...

then i typed "exit" and voila! the GUI was loaded!!! and i got the login screen... i login as a normal user (not root) and i got into the GUI with no problem at all...everything seemed to be working fine...

then i logoff and restarted the pc, thinking that somehow it had worked...

when i got back to the GRUB menu, i chose "linux" and then voila!
the black screen came back...

somehow my normal linux bootup has corrupted somehow...

i tried restarting again and again...normal bootup vs the "workaround" that i found... the outcome was consistent...the normal linux bootup led me to the black empty screen, while the workaround i got into it properly...

i actually tried to shorten the workaround... instead of


i skipped the startx/logout part and went straight to "exit" command...but it got me the black screen again..

I'm still relatively new with linux, so I hope someone will be able to help me understand what had happened here and how to get it working properly... please please please help me with this graphic challenge...

Network(Not working)
No bootup error message on this. In PCC, it was detected as MCP51 Ehternet Controller. When I ran the Network & Internet Configuration to configure the Ethernet, the wizard identified it as nVidia Corp.|MCP51 Ethernet Controller.. when i click next, it just paused there for like...4 minutes before some error message popped up...

Wireless(Not working)
No bootup error message on this. In PCC, it was detected as BCM4310 UART... Broadcom Wireless.. tried to configure it but got the same 4 to 5 minute paused before some error message...

Touchscreen(Not working, haven't tried)
In PCC, it was detected under the category "Tablet and touchscreen" as "eGalax TouchScreen". Have not tried to make this work as my main priority is to get the graphic working first, followed by the network, then the sound, etc..

I also noted a lot of other MCP51 hardware in the list... so presumably it's running on MCP51 mobo or something... but they are working fine (i suppose). however i noted MCP51 PMU under the category Unknown/Others in the PCC.. not sure if this is a possible cause of error on the above..

I'm using GRUB with graphical menu... there's basically the following choices:

Can anyone be kind enough to show me the way out of this maze?
Please please! Would really appreciate it!!!
If possible, would like to work out the issues in the following order of importance..
1. graphic (GeForce Go 6150)
2. network/wireless (MCP51)
3. sound (MCP51)
4. touchscreen (since touchscreen not related to nVidia, i'll try to get help from other places..but any tips or pointers will be appreciated!)

Please help....

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Default Re: PCLinuxOS 2007 on HP Pavilion tx1221AU with GeForce Go 6150 and MCP51 - Guidance


I'm attaching my xorg.conf and the log file... Hope someone can help me out here...
Attached Files
File Type: txt xorg.conf.092801.txt (4.3 KB, 131 views)
File Type: txt Xorg.0.log.0928.txt (17.8 KB, 124 views)
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Default Re: PCLinuxOS 2007 on HP Pavilion tx1221AU with GeForce Go 6150 and MCP51 - Guidance Need

Please see the forum sticky posts.
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