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Default Dual Display, Independent OpenGL?

I apologize if this has been addressed or if this isn't an Nvidia question specifically.

I have independent displays and am running OpenGL 3D on my GeForce 8600GT. I've installed the NVIDIA-Linux-x86_64-100.14.19-pkg2 driver "kit." With OpenGL 3D enabled, I began to notice many problems with watching videos in Fullscreen. The screen would stutter (sort of reminded me of watching a worn out VHS tape), occasionally a window would jitter if maximized (almost like it was anxious, for lack of a better description), and the background would bleed through the image every several minutes.

The other problem was that on my second monitor, OpenGL 3D gfx caused even more problems. In fact, any window that was open was "fixed." I couldn't click and drag it or maximize it. Menu links and internal links worked, but the window itself was fixed.

I am using the latest development release of Ubuntu Gutsy. I read over at their forums and launchpad that Compiz and Gutsy are still in beta and that these are known bugs. So, I disabled OpenGL gfx and that took care of the problems.

Long story short, I'm just documenting this for others here to read how I worked around this problem. I don't need help with these issues specifically right now. I'm waiting for Ubuntu and Compiz to work out some bugs.

But, I do have a question related to Nvidia and OpenGL: is it possible to enable OpenGL 3D acceleration on one monitor, but not the other in nvidia-settings? If so, how do I get started? If not, is there a method to do so in Xorg? I don't fully understand the ins and outs of 3D acceleration, but when I looked through the Xorg man and nividia-settings, I saw ways of setting certain things like resolution, gamma, colors, brightness, etc. between the two displays, but wasn't sure if enabling 3D acceleration for one monitor, but not the other was possible? There are several settings I've seen in there related to OpenGL acceleration, but couldn't find an "on/off" switch. Perhaps there isn't, but, like I said, I don't fully understand how OpenGL 3D acceleration works.

I am hoping to disable it on the monitor I use for video presentation, but enable it on the desktop. If not, it's easy enough for the time being to simply disable OpenGL 3D when I do video presentations.


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