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Default Need a Nvidia recommendation

I want to buy a Nvidia video card for my "older" pc. It currently has a GeForce 4 Titanium 4200 128 Mb card made by ASUS. Yeah, I know it's old. But it works still.

I'm looking for something more modern, but still it has to be a AGP 8 card. I haven't been following the new advances as much as I used to, so I don't know where I should be looking.

It's going into a single core pentium 4 3.0 Ghz machine with 1 GB DDR 400 RAM. Old, but still not worthy of the trash heap.

I need something that works in Linux, because I do not dual boot. I do not use Windows, so Direct X compatibility means nothing. Ideally it would be a card that doesn't use huge amounts of power. It doesn't have to be the best available, just something good that will work. I'd like to use it to try to play Enemy Territory: Quake Wars, if possible. Even if that's unlikely, just an upgrade for what already is in use would be acceptable. I play Quake 4 MP, ET, UT2004.

Anyone have an intelligent recommendation? Be specific please and thanks in advance.
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Default Re: Need a Nvidia recommendation

A 7600 should be all you need, but it's up to how much you want to spend.

7600 $85

7900 $150

With an AGP system I would recommend that you save some money and upgrade to a PCI-E system being that it will last you longer.

You will spend more money for an AGP card because even though they are the same GPUs they use different interface chipsets. In turn, they would rather sell PCI-E cards and will milk money out of people like you who still use AGP.
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