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Question Question About Twin View

I have dual 22" LCD monitors setup on "twinview" and it works great however I was wondering if it is possible some how in the nvidia config menu to set up the twin view to allow individual window expanding. I hate when I maximize a window, it does it across both LCD's and would rather the window fit the particular LCD it is viewed in if that makes any sense. Is this possible?
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Default Re: Question About Twin View

Tasks like maximizing belong to the tasks of your window manager. The nvidia drivers need to report proper information using 'Xinerama' which the window manager should use. Not all WMs are using this info properly and second not in all cases this xinerama information is provided by the nvidia drivers. If you set up Twinview using Dynamic Twinview using nvidia-settings then Xinerama info isn't provided. If you set up Twinview from your xorg.conf (or if you let nvidia-settings save your twinview setup to your xorg.conf) then it is set.

(On a sidenote there are also xorg.conf options to prevent the Nvidia drivers from providing xinerama info but I don't think you are using that.)
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Default Re: Question About Twin View

To get the behavior you want, I just add

Option "Xinerama" "false"

to the serverlayout section of xorg.conf.
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Default Re: Question About Twin View

The above info is correct, but it would help us if you would post a bug report and/or your Desktop Environment (ex: Gnome, XFCE, KDE, etc).
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