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Here is a link you requested : http://www.anandtech.com/video/showdoc.html?i=1821
There are plenty of others who mention the fx5900value...
PS...Here are the specs in a semi-jumbled way (too lazy to format it)
NVIDIA GeForceFX 5900 Ultra (NV35) 256MB 0.13-micron DX9 $499 450MHz 256MB 256-bit 425MHz 27.2GB/s
NVIDIA NV35 128MB 0.13-micron DX9 $399 ???MHz 128MB 256-bit ???MHz ???GB/s
NVIDIA NV35 Value 128MB 0.13-micron DX9 $299 ???MHz 128MB ???-bit ???MHz ???GB/s
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Hardware Analysis has tested the ZM80A-HP.
We used it on a number of cards in our office, including a Radeon 9700 Pro and a GeForce FX 5600.
They also had the following to say
For those that are curious whether itíll also cool a GeForce FX5800 or 5900, we have to say that we didnít even bother to try, as these cards get very hot with their stock heatsinks already and those feature high rpm fans, so weíre sure the ZM80A-HP will not be able to handle the heat load without some assistance from a bracket mounted fan
I'm still tempted, because I have a low-noise fan placed to blow air directly over the AGP area. Might be a very expensive experiment though.

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Originally posted by ricercar
I came, I saw, I fried my stock 5800U in a case with a 59*C ambient temperature. RMA'd a replacement because the RAMs overheated to death!
Woah! BTW, did it ever crossed your mind that since you RMAed to one of nVidia partners, you are practically giving money to nVidia because that partner would have to potentially buy more cards?
Although in the case of the 5800, it's not like nVidia could give many anyway...

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do you think it will work if you rip the old fan away and put a 120mm on it? Will that cooling be enough?

I think it should be alot quieter aswell...
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since you RMAed to one of nVidia partners, you are practically giving money to nVidia because that partner would have to potentially buy more cards?
Well, PNY had a 5800-U to ship me in stock the day I called, so PNY didn't actually buy an extra card form NVIDIA. Eventually PNY receives credit from NVIDIA for any failed product shipped to PNY, so NVIDIA will likely eat the expense of my failed card in the final accounting.

However, as an NVIDIA stockholder, I wouldn't mind if PNY ate the cost of the failed card.
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