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Default Disappointing 3D Performance 6200/AGP

I've recently upgraded from a Geforce4Ti (128MB) and a 1280x1024 LCD (VGA) to a Geforce FX6200 (256MB) and a 1650x1050 LCD (DVI). I also upgraded from the "legacy" driver to the current 100.14.19 (and now .23 beta) driver. Rest of my (SUSE 10.3-based) setup has remained the same. This is not the most recent setup, I know, but should be enough for my needs.

The only thing I noticed at first is that finally KDE3 composite effects (transparency and so on) work. I mention this as it might be related?!?

However, 3D graphics seems to have gotten more sluggish. "glxgears" - I know this isn't the best possible benchmark - gives only about 500 FPS, down from several thousand before.

I also tried once more the about only 3D game I play - Neverwinter Nights. It's an old game, and it worked quite flawlessly with high detail settings with the Geforce4Ti. I thought it should be no problem with the new GFX card, despite the higher resolution.
Not that NWN stutters now, basically graphics work, but the game seems to react rather sluggish to my mouse movements in the 3D environment. I can't pinpoint lower FPS or something like that, it simply "feels" much slower (with the same high detail settings as before).

Have I configured something wrong?
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Default Re: Disappointing 3D Performance 6200/AGP

A geforce6200 doesn't have to be faster than your current card.

First of all you need a relatively powerful cpu to take full advantage of the 6200. You current cpu might be forming a bottleneck which could be holding it back.

Second one of the confusing things is that there are 'highend' 6200 boads with 128-bit memory and high clocks and lowend boards (which are these the only ones left) running with 64bit memory and relatively low clocks. Just between the highend and the lowend boards there is about a big performance difference (~50%).

It is most likely a combination of the 'poor' 64bit 6200 board with a relatively weak cpu that causes your geforce4ti to be faster.
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Default Re: Disappointing 3D Performance 6200/AGP

Well, the 6200 aren't that much faster then a Ti4 anyway, the 6200 actually has a lower texture fill rate.
Does NWN run better if you turn off the KDE composite effects?

Depending on which version of Xorg you are using there are also some xorg.conf options relating to GLX and Composite. See the README.txt.gz that is included with the drivers, on my Debian box it's in /usr/share/doc/nvidia-glx.
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Default Re: Disappointing 3D Performance 6200/AGP

Thanks for the advice. You're right, it's a 64bit memory interface (I basically wanted a cheap gfx board without fan for non-gamer setup).
However, judging from different benchmarks found on the web, I thought that even that 6200 would at least at par with the old (and loudly coolded) 4Ti.

Strangely enough, disabling composte effects in KDE makes NWN flicker intolerable. So I couldn't try it out.

glxgears, however, goes up from 500 FPS to 2000FPS (still much lower than with the 4Ti), but looks still slow.

However, 256MB local memory should be enough for glxgears to run without slowing down? The CPU ist a Athlon64 3000+, not the newest brand, but should suffice...
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Default Re: Disappointing 3D Performance 6200/AGP

glxgears is not a benchmark. Its numerical output is completely useless for proving anything, other than glxgears is running.
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