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Exclamation 100.14.19 / 96.43.01 patched for GPL kernels

hi guys - we just put the latest nvidia patched drivers for debian's (*ubuntu) 2.6.21 kernel.
After 10000+ downloads we believe this is usefull for the community and therefor we will continue providing NVPatched drivers.

download from: http://grizach.servebeer.com/nvpatch/ (please do not put direct links to the files)

for any questions mail the head maintainer Julian (http://grizach.servebeer.com/jul/contact.php)

or visit the nvpatch blog http://blog.creonfx.com/nvpatch

ps. if anyone has decent dynamic dns please give us a mail


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Default Re: 100.14.19 / 96.43.01 patched for GPL kernels


I didn't have to look at the actual patch, so I may be dead wrong (and I apologize in advance if I do), but if I understand correctly (by reading the description in your site), beyond breaking the GPL, and possibly the law (by circumventing the KBuild's EXPORT_SYMBOL/EXPORT_SYMBOL_GPL check) what you're doing is simply, well, wrong.

Being a proprietary kernel-modules developer myself, I encounter the same "Sh*t, I need this function, but it's only marked as GPL" problem on a daily basis. I literally built a proprietary module loading system due to GPL-only symbols... and yet I respect the right of the original kernel developers -not- to export their symbols to non GPL modules.

Again, as I didn't have time to look at the actual patch (There's non available... only the complete package), I may be dead wrong. But if I'm not, you should reconsider removing this patch.

- Gilboa
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Default Re: 100.14.19 / 96.43.01 patched for GPL kernels

Hi gilboa,
I am sure as a module developer you feel bad about someone violating a GPL rule for the sake of getting possibly bad module to compile. I must ensure you we didn't feel better about doing this either. However we made sure to study the problem and the solution in the light of the circumstances. The problem here is caused because of the usage of the udelay function which has been marked GPL only for kernels with paravirtualisation turned on. in the kernels 2.6.21 and 2.6.22 and after a hot discussion between the kernel developers released back for normal usage in 2.6.23. Moreover this doesn't prevent the module to taint the kernel as it should do being proprietary. Therefore we don't consider that by fixing/circumventing a flaw in the kernel design we break any moral or civil laws. This is also another reason why every bit of change we did to either the driver and the kernel tools (kbuild) are documented and supplemented with source code in the packages for download. However in the web page you can also find the suggestion to recompile with paravirtualisation turned off - which is the only correct way of solving the issue. But let's be sincere - how many can or are willing to rebuild the kernel and why should this people be prevented from using their expensive hardware and possibly drive them away from linux because of a in out eyes temporary error in the kernel design.
Nevertheless we are happy that there are people that are thinking about this. I have seen similar posts in other forums too. But it is always the same - the experienced say "Hell what, I'll just recompile the kernel" but there are so many that doesn't even know what a compiler is and want only to use their computer like most people do.
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