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Default Re: EA and Crytek should be sued for

Originally Posted by SH64
The MB helps thats for sure , but i'm still convinced that the pace of each game decides how smooth it will be at a certain framerate.
FarCry had no motion blur (except when you get hurt IIRC) yet it was accpetable @25fps. & many games follow the same fashion.
True. Another factor that plays a big role is not only pace but game speed. A slower game speed is more friendly to low FPS numbers, for obvious reasons.
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Default Re: EA and Crytek should be sued for

Originally Posted by S.I.N
I don't think its scalable like they said it would be. I can run it except it looks like a game made in 2001 as I have to turn down many of the effects. Its seems to have only to extremes in either its looks extremely good or extremely bad. No in between to say make the game look as nice as say Far Cry did and ran on top end hardware like the 7900 cards.
It's not too bad.
@ 1024x768. gfx at stock and proc as in sig.

Obviously no 8800 but still playable.
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