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Default Linux Newbee - A walk thru please?

Just installed Mandrake 9.1, and Windows 2000, with all it's faults, is starting to look much much more attractive than Linux. I'm trying REALLY hard to give Linux a chance.

Why in the world is Linux so damn complicated?? I just want to install a driver. Why can't I just double click and get it installed?? I don't have anything to prove by using the command line. Just install the danm thing! Can someone please walk me thru this driver installation? A few questions:

How do you exit the X server?

How do you set the default run level to boot to a VGA?

How do you modify /etc/inittab?

How do I edit XF86CONFIG and what should I change??

I tried "sh NVIDIA-Linux----.run" and I get some error about not having root access. What the heck does that mean??

Please help. Remember to go really slow . . . please. I'm familliar with DOS (attrib, cd c:/, mkdir, dir, fdisk etc..) since the days of Win3.1, so I'm not completly clueless about the command line, just new to Linux.

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I'll give ya a basic walkthrough, though you prolly won't understand the concepts. Promise me you'll check out sites like Linux Newbie and/or get some books that explain the concepts to get ya going. Linux isn't too hard, its just different and you need to learn some basics to feel comfortable.

1. Linux has different RunLevels. Here's a list
  • 0 - Halt the system
  • 1 - Single-user mode
  • 2 - Multi-user mode (without NFS)
  • 3 - Multi-user mode
  • 5 - Multi-user mode, graphical login
  • 6 - Reboot the system

you are currently at runlevel 5 (a gui) you want to be at runlevel 3 to install the drivers. So type init 3 and it will quit your GUI and throw you to a command line.

2. You need to have administrative privlages to change system settings, it's a basic safeguard everyone adhears to. You set up an administrative password when you installed linux. You can either login as Login: administrator Pass: <password> or while logged in as a user type su, then be prompted for a password, at a command for temporary privlages.

Now your command line should read :
[root@localhost doogie]#

3. If your driver was downloaded to your home folder, you can just type sh <driver filename> to start installing it (the rest of the instructions are in the Readme).

4. After finishing and editing your XF86Config(-4) file you can go back to a gui by changing runlevels back to 5 init 5

this site http://stalin.iodynamics.com/education/ has some information on runlevels and superuser and looks to be targeted at someone who is familiar with dos, but not linux (I.E. you)

Good luck

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