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Default On resume from susp-to-ram, screen cycles: black, red, green, blue, white, etc.

Software & hardware:
Dell Inspiron 8600 with nVidia 5200 Go
Debian unstable with kernel 2.6.22
Plain kernel-based software suspend (NOT swsusp2)
Using hibernate script for hibernate-ram and hibernate-disk

Before I switched to the binary driver, suspend-to-ram and suspend-to-disk were working fine, but, in order to get suspend-to-ram working, I had to add
VbetoolPost yes
UseDummyXServer no
to the hibernate common.conf file.

Now that I'm using the binary driver, suspend-to-ram doesn't resume correctly. When it resumes, the screen just shows black for 2 seconds, then all red for 2 seconds, then green for 2 secs, blue for 2 secs, white for 2 secs, and then it starts over with black and keeps cycling. Ctrl-Alt-Bksp doesn't do anything. "Alt-SysRq REISUB" doesn't do anything. Ctrl-Alt-F1 doesn't get me to a console.... nuthin!

There's disk activity during all of this and, once, I was able to ssh into the laptop and see that Xorg was taking about 99% of the CPU and the load average was up to 12 and climbing. I was able to kill Xorg and restart it and *that* get me back to normal.

Anybody have any ideas what I should change in my hibernate config (or anywhere else) to get this working?
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