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Angry Wrong screen is screen0

I have a GeForce 4 Ti 4600, and use the latest NV drivers, 4363. The card has a DVI output and a VGA output. I want to connect the second monitor to the DVI output (using the DVI->VGA converter included with the card).

Now the problem: Either with TwinView or with Xinerama/ServerLayout, the DVI output is Screen 0 under X. When I switch to text mode, text is only displayed on the VGA output (and when PC boots, only that output is active).

With TwinView, there appears to be no way to change what's screen 1 and what's screen 0.
But with two Screen sections configured in XF86Config I thought there should be: after all, if this is wrong:
Screen 0 "Screen0" RightOf "Screen1"
Screen 1 "Screen1"
then this has to be right:
Screen 0 "Screen1" RightOf "Screen0"
Screen 1 "Screen0"
But apparently it does not make any difference. DVI is 0, VGA is 1, whatever order I list the screens in.

Is there a way to make the VGA output screen 0 (or, alternatively, make DVI output to be always primary, i.e. make it use that on boot and for all text modes).
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the "screen0" in quotes is just an identifier. to simplify your configuration, change the identifier in each screen section to be something which corresponds to the monitor / port type.

then it will be more straight forward doing the layout section.
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