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Son Goku
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Default wow, the alliance is toast in AV now

Ever since AFKers were auto-removed, things changed from the alliance winning this one BG, to now the horde winning almost all the time. Now the AFKers have become a maor alli problem, due to some who get around the auto-kick, by sitting up at the top, and just jumping up and down every couple minutes.

But this isn't what I had in mind with this post. It's rather the changes in the 2.3 patch, and how I have yet to get into an AV now, where people seem to have any ideas how to take this down.

I'll illistrate the change in the patch, and where people stumble. They seem to get quickly through, or are skipping some towers, not sure. But when they get down to "the o", they get lost.

People still keep trying to pull the east and west warmasters seperately, and then get stumped as the event keeps resetting. Umm, duh? The patch indicated that the 2 warmasters are now linked, and can not be pulled seperate. One must face these, and the boss together. There's also various worg adds there also.

So why do people keep trying to pull these? It seems to take people more then a few minutes every game to realize they can't be pulled, and yet they continue to try.

When they finally get the point, someone tells them to just get in already, but no one seems to know what to do, and just stands there stumped/floored.

Naturally the horde continues to win again and again, as the alliance is left hemming and hawing at how to do this.

My idea, but no matter how many times I've tried to say this, I seem to lose a lot. But I'll also give some background to my thinking.

AV is supposed to be a 40 man raid. In 40 man raids of the past, and even in kara today, having more then 1 tank is not unheard of. In fact, Opera is impossible to do without 2 tanks, if Romulo and Julliet comes up.

Basically in this event, lest someone hasn't encountered yet (though many probably have), Juls comes after the announcer gives the blurb. She's basically tanked and spanked, except she has self heals that need to be interupted, either by a warrior, rogue, mage, or some combination. When she dies, Romulo comes up, and must be quickkly tanked.

Now just before Romulo dies, one of the 2 tanks needs to be ready to grab juls on respawn, and build up agro rather fast. These 2 targets must be tanked simultaniously, with the DPS split between them. This is important because if they don't die within 10 secs of each other, the mob just comes back to life.

The patch changes in 2.3 don't leave the end of AV the same, as in no indication of them having to die close together time wise; but there are still 3 main targets and various adds. Because they can't be pulled, and come together, from what I can gather, it would be necessary to have multiple tanks, with one going to the East Battlemaster, another to the West Battlemaster, and a third on the boss. Each tank would also need it's own healer, or 2, to spam heals.

These 2 or ideally 3 tanks need to generate agro rather fast, and if there are multiple hunters in party (which seems a rather common class anyhow), a misdirect onto each tank, to help it gather agro would help. With certain healers spamming heals on the tanks, any remaining should be left to help heal the raid, the various DPS divided among the 3 main targets.

Haven't tested this per se, and not sure the feasibility of AoEing down the wolves, but if they can be AoEd? put a few AoE on them, else they might need to be CCed?

This is just a stab, and nothing I have ever been able to see, good, bad, or otherwise, as every single AV I've been in, people try to pull like 2.0, and when it doesn't work, just stand around confused when it doesn't work. Then when someone convinces people to go in, they still try to operate with 1 tank (with most of the raid not getting ready to get down there), and more then a few, still up top.

Then with this, the other 2 targets just run around killing off all the healers and/or DPS, else people start running out, and it becomes one reset right after another. And when I try to suggest anything, the idea of multiple tanks seems to leave more then a few entirely confused. Some games (not all), they might have got a couple adds out, but when they get down to the 2 warmasters and the end "boss", it just falls apart, with horde winning as group after group grapples with it. Course, these AVs are not pre-made.

Anyone have any thoughts on this? Perhaps any horde, who's getting it?
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