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Default Re: WTH is this: please insert the original disc instead of a backup(1000)?

As I said I already replaced the disk, and the the game was reinstalled from the new disk with no change.

The game will only launch about 7% of the time, the other 93% of the time I get the error.

Luckily I dont play multiplayer, so the cracked exe is fine with me. Maybe firmware will fix this though since that worked for MaxThreat.
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Default Re: WTH is this: please insert the original disc instead of a backup(1000)?

my normal edition disc clicks in my drive too. Freaked me out too. Clicked a whole boatload of times, until it finally let me hit autorun, and I'm installing it as we speak. I have a cheap, uh, Lite-on?, lightscribe dvd rw dual layer SATA drive, just bought it a few months ago though. First disc I ever had this happen.

I hope it doesn't keep happening everytime i start up my computer or pop this disc back in.
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Default Re: WTH is this: please insert the original disc instead of a backup(1000)?

Originally Posted by einstein_314
My LG SATA DVD burner also makes the weird clicking noises when I first put in the disk.....I don't know why. I wouldn't consider this a not decent drive....it's great. Hmmm....

Lol, here's another funny thing I ran into AVG Free edition thinks that there is a virus in crysis.exe. Lol. Apparently it's some bug in AVG...but I was really confused/worried when I booted up and AVG pops up telling me I had a virus. Lol.

Both of new Samsung SATA dvd rw drives also make wierd nioses when the Crysis dvd is in eithier of them.

One is a 183s 18x,the other a newer 203S 20x.Only Crysis does this,out of dozens of original game discs..
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