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Default asus a7n266 (NForce 220D) and LAN driver

The statement in linux how-to instling nforce drivers (especially LAN) gives that hint:

To view or change an Award-style system BIOS, reboot the machine, and
press the Delete key. When you get a configuration screen, select
``PnP/PCI Configurations'' in that screen if ``PNP OS Installed []''
Has ``Yes'' choosen, change the selection to ``No''.

The point is: asus a7n266 has no this option at all.
At least in BIOS version 1005 and higher. I am currently checking older bioses.

I repeat no such option. I am not a newbe. I used many chipsets before (SIS651 with the same realtek 8021L onboard LAN) and enabling that option was the only thing to get lan working.

The result is that linux booting hungs during loading module nvnet. The temporary option is to give some interrupt to lan driver wich pushes starting linux ahead. (For exaple ping from another machine).

But it hungs evry one minut so you need to ping all the time. And you have short time hungs (until ping invokes interrupt).

I give a signal if BIOS flashing helped or not.
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Default BIOS flashed - the same problem

On BIOS version 1001nvm.awd network still don't work.

The only BIOS option wich has influence is interrupt mode in boot menu.

There are two choices: APIC and PIC.

on APIC LAN module loads but you cannot do even ping. You get
"Cannot set packet filter" and "Destination host unreachable"
Pings from other host do not work.

on PIC LAN module works exactly as i described in previous post.
It seems to work but hungs evry minut. So you need to ping your muchine to unhang it.

Is there a chance that NVIDIA will fix that??

I use Mandrake 9.1 linux distribution. The kernel is 2.4.21-0.13 mdk.
I also tried 2.4.21-rc8
all in vain.
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Default seems to managed LAN working properly

asus a7n266
athlon 1800XP
ram: 128MB

BIOS 101nvm.awd
Mandrake 9.1
but with common kernel 2.4.21 rc8 with Alan Cox latest patch

BIOS options: Interrupt mode PIC
kernel option ACPI=on


BIOS options: Interrupt mode APIC
kernel option ACPI=off

in both cases nvnet driver optimalization must be set
to CPU (on throughput hungs)
in modules.conf :

options nvnet optimalization=1

throughput optimalization (=0 and default) is broken
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