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View Poll Results: What score do you give Crysis?
10 22 19.13%
9.5 32 27.83%
9.0 28 24.35%
8.5 9 7.83%
8.0 9 7.83%
7.5 3 2.61%
7.0 12 10.43%
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Old 11-19-07, 09:23 PM   #37
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Default Re: What Score Do You Give Crysis?

Originally Posted by LORD-eX-Bu
the game was overhyped and was nothing more than ordinary. For its mediocre story, terrible ending, and horrific performance I would give it a D.
For bra sizes "D" is actually good

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Default Re: What Score Do You Give Crysis?

the fact that while the story is linear, the way you go about finishing objectives is almost 100% dynamic, thats whats innovative
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Default Re: What Score Do You Give Crysis?

whats so innovative about that? Games have been doing that for years.
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Default Re: What Score Do You Give Crysis?

Overhyped... yes of course. But I think they did deliver what they said they would, no bait and switch. It really makes me wonder why they decided to make the game a trilogy though since it is on the short side. Considering how advanced the game engine is though, I guess you have to cut them some slack. It is longer than quite a few other games and the multiplay is very solid, unlike Far Cry.
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Default Re: What Score Do You Give Crysis?

I'd give the graphics a 8.5 (would be higher if it ran smooth at full)

The gameplay I would give a 3

and the multiplayer i would give a 2

Based on the game itself and not just the graphics i give this game a generous 4/10.
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Default Re: What Score Do You Give Crysis?

I'd give it about 8.5. The first half was excellent but it tapered off quite a bit after the mines.
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Default Re: What Score Do You Give Crysis?

I just got through with Crysis and gave it a 7.0.

I would give it a 10.0 if it didn't have any of the alien levels in it. Not that I'm against aliens in a game, alien vs predator 2 was a 10 to me. But the alien stuff in Crysis was done poorly and didn't work for me at all.

So I'll give it a 10.0 for the levels up to where you go in the alien ship and a 4.0 for everything after that, which is my 7.0 for the entire game.

Now I'm going to start it again so I can play the good part. Then I'll stop when I have to go in the alien ship.
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Default Re: What Score Do You Give Crysis?

Just beat the game... loved it! I can't wait till nVidia comes out with a new line of better GPU's. I'll come back and play this game all over again with everything on Very High Perhaps that was part of the reason they broke the game up into a Trilogy.... for now it pushes all hardware to the max and then some, but by the time they release the next part of the game most of us will have hardware capable of running very high at super high resolutions GG! Plan to play this again untill then just for fun
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Default Re: What Score Do You Give Crysis?

Next gen graphics, no doubt.

The gameplay is not innovative, however. Once you look past the graphics you're left with a feeling of deja-vu.. from Far Cry to Project IGI and loooooads of titles inbetween, I've done all of this before, many many times. Crysis does have a few neat features such as the suit, but not enough to make it stand out.

10 for the awesome graphics. 6 for the average gameplay.

Crysis gets a fair 8.
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Default Re: What Score Do You Give Crysis?

I rated Bioshock a 9.5/10,many years ago with Planescape a 10,HL2 a 8/10,Half Life a 9,Halo a 5/10,Halo 2 a 4/10,COD4 a 8/10.

I hope Ubisoft Montreal use the Crysis engine for the next Dues Ex game.I just a lot of devs use this engine in the future.

I would kill to see some AAA RPG pc single player titles usee this engine.

Fantasy or Sci Fi mind you.
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Default Re: What Score Do You Give Crysis?

Well, I finally beat the game on Hard. So, I can finally rate this game.

It's really a tale of two games.

The first half is like FarCry's first half. You get a nice taste of freedom along gorgeous visual splendor. The first half of Crysis blows away any other FPS.

The second half has flying the vtol, zero g, escorting you know who, and some nice final battles. In the second half you totally lose any sense of freedom and exploration. The second half is a more linear affair like COD4.

Unfortunately Crysis does not do linear as well as COD4. COD4's linear gameplay is always fun and never boring like the vtol, zero g, and escort missions in Crysis. I must also point out that the ship in COD4 looks better than the Crysis aircraft carrier but runs much more smoothly.

I must aslo complain that the female supporting NPC looks terrible. Couldn't they find a cuter girl?

The escort mission was certainly a low point. It's completely out of place in this game.

However, the final boss battle and ending helped to bring life to what was a really unchallenging and dull second half.

If the second half were a separate game I would give it a 7.5.
I would give the first half a solid 10--totally outstanding.

I would rate Crysis a 9.0 if it weren't for the outstanding Sandbox Editor. The editor is very promising and I suspect we're going to see some amazing mods.

Crysis gets my vote for PC GOTY.

I score Crysis: 9.5
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Default Re: What Score Do You Give Crysis?


As mentioned the last parts of the game were rather on the poor side, had the game been like the first 3 levels to the end with a bit less but more intense aliens battles I would score it higher. When it was good, crysis was very very good.

Its my goty so far, Stalker and orange box aren't too far behind
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