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Default Quadro NVS 140M Compiz Performance

Hi all,

I'm running the latest compiz-fusion (git snapshot) on a Quadro NVS 140M in my Thinkpad R61 laptop. It's running quite stable, also suspend is working (most times) since the latest 100.14.23 snapshot, but I have a lot of performance hickups.
Whenever I start using an effect like rotating the cube, the performance is very bad for the first seconds, but the animations are getting smooth with doing it several times in a row.

Here my current environment:

NVIDIA UNIX x86_64 Kernel Module 100.14.23
Vanilla 2.6.23 kernel

<snip xorg device section>
Identifier "nvidia"
Driver "nvidia"
Option "NoLogo" "true"
Option "RenderAccel" "true"
Option "AddARGBGLXVisuals" "true"
Option "DamageEvents" "true"
Option "TripleBuffer" "false"
Option "DisableGLXRootClipping" "true"

Any hints where to tweak my configuration?

Thanks in advance
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Default Re: Quadro NVS 140M Compiz Performance

I have exactly the same problem (OpenSUSE 10.3, both pre-build 100.14.23 drivers and 169.04 Beta and on both 32bit and 64bit installs - the notebook is Dell D830).

Compiz performance via composite on this card is horrible. Not only that the cube rotation is somewhat jerky and the X seem quite slow overall, but what is most annoying is the slowness of the "Application swithcher" (Alt+Tab). It takes at least a second before it pops up and switches to the next window (1 second seems little, but for switching windows this is so much annoying!).
The effects speed is, I'd say, tolerable, but they are not at all fluent.

I've tried all combinations of xorg.conf options suggested on opensuse.org forums with no luck. Surpisingly, 3d shooting games like Sauerbraten are ok (even with Compiz running).

When Compiz is used in combination with XGL on this card, the performance of X and Compiz is much much better - completely fluent, I'd even say excellent. The only problem is, though, that XGL crashes unexpectedly from time to time (usually I have a crash in 20mins to 2 hours). Therefore I'd prefer using Compiz directly, but at this stage, it is unusable.

At this moment thinking that I've paid that extra money for NVidia card although I could have a on-board Intel X3000 which outperforms NVS 140M in Compiz, makes me sad and a bit angry.

Can we hope this will be fixed in a near future?
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Default Re: Quadro NVS 140M Compiz Performance

Yeah, I'm having the exact same issue. Cloned my system from a Latitude D820 to a D830. Old video card was NVS 120M, new one is NVS 140M, otherwise systems are almost identical. Compiz performance is noticeably slower. 2.6.23x kernel on fedora 8 with 100.14.19 nvidia drivers.

Most obviously symptom (and unscientifically described at that) is that animations seem to be sluggish when first initiated and then get smoother toward the end. But overall, things are just randomly choppy.

I've tried just about every combination of settings I can think of -- direct rendering on/off, loose binding, vsync on/off, triple buffering on/off. Nothing really makes a dramatic difference.
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Default Re: Quadro NVS 140M Compiz Performance

No problem here with my nvs 140m and Compiz..
Same device options as you have.
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Default Re: Quadro NVS 140M Compiz Performance

This seems exactly the problem I've described on


caused by the adaptive clocking feature of this chips. When they are running at full speed you won't notice the jerkiness.
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