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Default Re: Low Crysis FPS? Try My Config!

Wow your latest config has object motion blur enabled??

If it did in the last one I didn't notice it, but daymn does it look sweet !!
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Default Re: Low Crysis FPS? Try My Config!

Finally got the config the way I wanted it.
What would be the command to enable vegetation bending like when you shoot bushes and palm tree leaves?

Also what is the command to enable bullet shells ejecting from the gun again?

Thanks Alot!! Great config!
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Default Re: Low Crysis FPS? Try My Config!

Hi, just wondering if someone can help me. I just picked up an XPS m1730 and can't seem to get Crysis to play well on my system. I was reading the post here and wanted to try this configuration, however I can't seem to locate the system.cfg file in the Crysis directory. Can someone please help me? Also, I read somewhere that you have to force SLI to start? How do you do that?

Thanks very much!
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Default Re: Low Crysis FPS? Try My Config!

I tried your config, removed the HDR lines and set particles to high (because it was still set to low, and not to custom).

I noticed that the vegetation no longer reacts to the player, as I move through some plant, its leaves no longer react, and the player just clips through them. Same if I shoot the leaves, no reaction. Do you know what setting is causing this?

and to projectcafe - I believe you need to create such a file
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Default Re: Low Crysis FPS? Try My Config!

I just loaded your config for medium settings, plus removed the lines from the shadow config. At the area where you first leave the interior of the mountain, I was averaging 9-15 FPS (7900GTX) with everything on medium or low. Many of the rock textures were broken, like a cloth checker pattern.

Now I'm at 30 FPS or above, and the textures, although somewhat smudgy, look fine.

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