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Default Re: EBgames declining quality

Funny seeing this thread. I had 2 incidents in the last couple months that I thought were extremely rude.

(these happened at Gamestop which I believe is EBgames owned now)

First was COD4 release day, go into a store asking if they had any and got this look like I was a retard and told me only if I pre-ordered, when I told him I didn't I had to hear this lecture of why I should have.

Second was JUST yesterday, I wanted to buy a gamepad so I went into the store, walked upto the counter that had 2 people doing nothing, and one other on phone/waiting on a customer. Ask the question, get a blank look, the one fellow walks away then about 2 minutes of me standing there for an answer they say "none of these gamepads are for PC". They had atleast 4 models, one was an alienware that I could read from the other side of the counter "PC".

Both times I'm a customer with money ready to spend and I'm being treated like a retard, I always ask my questions in a very friendly disposition. Both times these guys weren't busy.
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