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Default Tweaking the settings on the video driver config file

What options do I want enabled? and why? I'm looking for optimal performance not overclocking tweaks. It's really my first time trying utilize my video card for linux. A few years ago when I tried testing linux I was mostly and for the majority working it thru the command line. Gotta crawl before you learn to walk, I say. Just like I did with windows I'm gonna start command prompt to gui. ( windows ie. dos to win3.1 etc. ) Perhaps someone knows a link that has this info, but I have yet to find it. So if you can even just post that, that'd be cool. Btw, my card is a Geforce 4 mx420 using the new 4363 drivers. Thanx.
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There are no real tweaking options. The options that exist fot the XF86Config file are mainly to enabled features (twinview, tvout, .....). The only options that you could call tweaking options (but they don't improve performance) are the environment variables to enable things like FSAA, aniso and stuff like that. Look into the driver docs for more info about these options (possible values and so on ..) and for all other options.
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