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Default PSP Modded firmware - I need help (installation)

I went ahead and bought myself a little something for the holidays, found one system left in-store, piano black slim psp.

Apparently these slim psp's WERE a bitch to get homebrew and emulators on.

Now, just to avoid legalities, I own a psone and a snes, so it's perfectly legal wanting to play them on a psp.

My issue starts ahead of that though. I really don't know much about these things.

All I know is I bought this psp that came pre packaged with the 3.71 firmware.

I'm trying to load this frickin 3.71 ver 2 " m33 update 2 ", is what it is technically called. (installing this supposedly allows for homebrew and emulators to be played on a slim)

I put it where it says, unzip, put the "update" folder in psp/game/update.

I go to the game icon on the psp, access the memory card, there it is, a nice icon and background of what looks like a picture of spilling beer and it says M33 V.2"...

Here's where my problem lay, everytime I hit enter, nothing happens, I get an error saying "unable to start game".


I tried to download the eloader v.1000 which is exclusive to psp slims, and when I try loading that, I get the same friggin error " unable to start game".

Am I missing another file?

What am I doing wrong?

Really itching to finally get FF7 (literally) in the palm of my hand.

From one FF7 fan to another, please help a guy out. =)

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Default Re: PSP Modded firmware - I need help (installation)

Yeah, it's been hacked, the 3.71 has been hacked and released to the masses, my dumb ass just can't figure it out.

3.80 is already being worked on (hack-wise)

I used to have a "fat" psp about a year and a half ago, I remember having to downgrade and use the gta 3 disk and all that stuff.

This seems pretty basic, doesn't tell me I need to downgrade, actually, the instructions tell me to make sure I have 3.71 installed before doing the m33 - 2 update.


Here's the site:

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Default Re: PSP Modded firmware - I need help (installation)

See just getting something like this to run isnt working for me

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Default Re: PSP Modded firmware - I need help (installation)

Just because their hacked doesn't mean they will run on those firmwares. When their hacked it means they added the capablities of running homebrew software on those hacked firmwares while keeping the updated Sony features in the firmware. You still need an old firmware to upgrade to those newer firmwares. So if your running an original firmware thats 3.0+ you can't install the hacked firmwares since they require you to downgrade before upgrading.
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Default Re: PSP Modded firmware - I need help (installation)

Originally Posted by Butter Bandit
If people have managed to get custom firmwares on PSP slims, it must be possible to do, since all PSP slims came with firmware 3.0 I believe.

When I get off work later today, or tomorrow, I'll get ahold of one of my friends who is pretty good with PSP homebrew stuff...he might know of a good walkthrough for PSP slims. I could test it out on my PSP slim, and if I succeed, help you out with yours.

Thanks man, it would be greatly appreciated!

So eager to play FF7, even if it's at 10fps ...must have ff7 in palm of hand for journey to work and back daily.
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Default Re: PSP Modded firmware - I need help (installation)

check out this thread. it might help

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Default Re: PSP Modded firmware - I need help (installation)

Sorry but this type of talk needs to be taken off line or discussed through PMs.
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