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Default Fortza Motorsport 2 rules!

Yeah I know the game is not new but I got an xbox360 for the family for Christmas. I am so addicted to this game right now. TONS of fun!
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Default Re: Fortza Motorsport 2 rules!

It's a great game indeed, still am a bigger fan of the PGR series but Forza 2 graphics are amazing

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Default Re: Fortza Motorsport 2 rules!

I loved PGR 1 and 2 on the Xbox. PGR 4 is good? I didn't hear such great things about 3.
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Default Re: Fortza Motorsport 2 rules!

Dunno, got the feeling something was missing after a while. This was the game I bought with my console, the physics are nice, and the cars look great, but the backgrounds not so much. "photos" didnt look very good either, and why cant I save them to USB, no music while playing either ... and I rather like the music in the menu. It kinda felt incomplete or something.
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Default Re: Fortza Motorsport 2 rules!

Yes a friend and I have been taking turns racing tracks & upgrading cars ..It's a ton of fun and I finally got him to race with the hood cam view (The only way to play it)
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Default Re: Fortza Motorsport 2 rules!

yes i'm a big fan of this game. Engine transplants are a win.

It's just a pity the exterior options are limited to certain cars.
I built a beautiful RB26DETT powered 240z, and i would have killed to make it widebody and add a tough lip to it. I really wanted to replicate this one:

I love racing the class events. It must be the car nerd in me, but i love that you are restricted to a certain number of 'performance points' to stay in that class, and its up to you to best decide how to build your car to be the most competitive while still being within that class. It's very satisfying when you take that car out on the track and win races.
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