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Default Re: Super Mario Galaxy: Super Mini Review

Originally Posted by Zelda_fan
Ok so I found out one minor thing I didn't like.


I'm working on the quest for 120 stars, and right now I'm at 107. As it turns out, the last 13 stars are acquired by beating each galaxy during a purple comet. AKA you have to collect 100 purple stars throughout each level. *meh* It's still fun, but it's such an anti-climactic ending to such a great game. I was expecting some sort of awesome gravity puzzle, and what do I get instead? Some lame ass coin collection mission. Additionally, these missions are a pain in the ass. You can collect 99/100 coins, and if you accidentally jump off a ledge while attempting to reach the 100th coin in some obscure place you have to start all over again.

If this was done once or twice, it would be cool, but the last 13 missions? Lame.

So unless the secret ending you unlock is one doozy of a level, I'm giving this game a 9.9 and revoking it's "as good as Ocarina of Time" status. It's now my second favorite game of all time.
I actually stopped playing the game because of these missions. Not fun at all. Spending 30 minutes carefully collecting the coins only to find you missed this one way back at the beginning and accidentally fall into a black hole on your way back...not fun.
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Default Re: Super Mario Galaxy: Super Mini Review

Call me crazy, but I actually somewhat enjoy the purple coin missions. Sure they can be a pain, but you also feel like you've really accomplished something when you find all 100 coins.

Then again, I'm a Banjo Kazooie freak which was based around collecting items like that.

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