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Default Asus A7V333 mobo - hard drive not recognized

I have just bought an A7V333 and the hard drive(wd800jb) is recognized in the bios(only after several cycles through the auto detect) and then at boot up it tries to detect during post and does not see it at all. I have a DVD 16X as my secondary master and it is detected in both the bios and at post. Why is it attempting to redetect and not using the bios information.

How can I load the OS from the DVD??

Thanks in advance.
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Make sure your harddrive is set to master on the primary IDE1 and your DVD is set to master on your IDE2 cable and on your boot selection in the bios set your dvd as your first boot and your harddrive as your second boot,to get the DVD as your first boot highlight it and hit the plus sign on the keyboard number pad until it is at top and then highlight your harddrive and hit the plus sign on your key board number pad until the harddrive is second boot and then save and exit and you should be able to boot up and set up your OS from your DVD.
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I am stupid. This solve the DVD Problem (all I had to do was read the instructions off to the right) however the hard drive is on the primary ide cable and is set to master. It is strange that it gets detected in the bios slowly and then finally gets recognized but then fails to be detected at POST.
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By the advice of a friend at work I removed the jumper on the hard drive setting it to master and now the stupid thing works.
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Does your Asus motherboard have the raid controller? If it does, make sure you're not plugged into the Raid IDE connectors, I had the same prob on my A7V 133.
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