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Default Re: WoW gold limit reached

Originally Posted by Tr1cK
In your feral forms (non-humanoid), they can fear you. They can trap you and heal themselves while the pet wakes up.
Problem with that is their DPS is relatively low to begin with, and even lower when they run out of mana.

I guess in that case, if their pet does become a problem, just charge in, claw til energy is gone, bleed, shift to caster, DoT, HoT, bear, DoT, HoT, bear, etc. Keep health topped off while his continues to drain. If they fear you, big deal, all it does is delay the inevitable and he has no hope of running away either.
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Default Re: WoW gold limit reached

Originally Posted by Ninja Prime
You should actually know about things before posting. I rerolled a horde paladin for my guild when BC launched and I'm on a high population server and I had no such problems.
I know quite well what I am talking about, and am absolutely, spot on right. I was there. I fricken created my Draenie warrior when BC came out, and that is exactly what happened. Grats if you didn't run into that on your realm, but not all were quite so lucky.

I created the guy, to give me something to do while waiting for Gilthanas to get on so we could through the dark portal together, and see it all at the same time.


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Perhaps you should know better then to assume that your own personal experience must have been the same as all others. I know what the experience was on my realms, whether some realms might have faired better or not. Grats if you had such good luck; but all were not so fortunate. I also created a couple Belfs on a 2nd realm after this, and ran into much the same, though perhaps to a slightly lesser degree (perhaps indicative that less then half the population there was horde).

Trust me, I simply will not forget how bad it was. There is no way I could forget a questing experience as bad as that. And on Aman'Thul, certainly alliance side (and to some lesser degree horde side on Gnomeragan) this was attroscious. And trust me or not, 3 days abouts, for the first 17 levels isn't even close to the rate at which I tend to lvl (further suggested with the lvls closer to 1 taking longer then the higher lvls to gain), such as on this char here


Yes, I really did get 21 lvls in that one day... Though being an alt (albeit one that is now running kara); I did take time off from this char a fair bit.

And yes, in time bliz did say what I have mentioned wrt flying mounts. Though after getting pressured, it latter changed into not wanting them to have it till 78 lest they fly past some content. In either case, the issue of flyers back in Azeroth does come up again with Northrend in some form or another.
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