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StealthHawk, I've observed it in Assault_UPC. When ppl skywalk, in that map, you can see all players through walls.
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I know several people who get called cheaters (in AvP2 because I don't play CS or Q3), but most of the accusations are from people who just don't realize that there are some great players out there. Just because you are getting your butt kicked in a MP game doesn't mean that the person doing the butt kicking is a cheater.

I can't decide which is worse, an actual cheater or someone who constantly bitches and moans about cheating .
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It's an impossible task to return a game that was once littered with cheaters back to a "he's a good player" state. Even if VAC succeeds in removing cheats from half-life, the accusations WILL continue because of the state that CS was once in. It's a sad fact, but that's how it is.

Anything that gives you an unfair advantages beyond what the game intended is a cheat. Dont' give me the argument: "He has surround sound, i have headphones. He cheats." The game supports hi-resolutions, high framerates, 4way positional sound, brightness controls, sensitivities to input. It DOES NOT support options to show all players, see through walls, or climb above the map. Exploitations of 'bugs' that exist to give you the unfair advantage beyond what was intended, is a CHEAT. skywalking is a cheat. and extremely immature as well.
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