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Default Ti4800SE-VTD 8X on RH 9 ??

I would love to hear from anyone who uses the
Ti4800SE-VTD 8X on a RedHat Linux 9 system.

Please describe your installation experiences and your
satisfaction and observations with its use.

I've got a dead video board and want to come up with something
more powerful than what I had (Hercules #D Prophet II MX),
but I've seen so many stories on difficulties, instabilities,
incompatibilities and so forth, that I wanted to hear some
success stories before going out and buying such an expensive

I have in mind to buy an MSI Ti4800SE-VTD 8X board from

I still boot Windoze occasionally, especially my sons do, so I want
good 3D performance there as well. The Ti4800SE-VTD looks like
about the most board I can afford, but I need the assurances of
some satisfied customers out there. I definitely don't want to
purchase a board and not get it to run satisfactorily under RH 9.
I don't want to face having to try and return an otherwise
working board to newegg.

Please let me hear from you.


I'm running on a Abit KT7 m/b with an Athlon 1.4 Ghz cpu and
256 MB ram under RedHat Linux 9.
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I am very pleased to announce that the board went in and
started up fine.
I had bought an earlier card from a local office supply store
which was put out by PNY (4200FX)and was a dud .
It froze on Linux AND Windows, so I took it back.
But... it had make it so that I had already gone through the
gauntlet of getting the latest nvidia drivers using the newest
install shell provided on the nVidia web site for Linux support.
I had a snag or two but got through it.
Soooo, when I installed the new card, booted the O/S, it was
discovered as a new card and correctly identified it's name,
but when it tried to run XF86Config, it gave 0's for the
horizontal and vertical sync numbers ("bogus") and had
the "nv" drivers selected from the default RedHat 9 install.
Which, amazingly, the card came up in X !!!
I reran XF86Config and typed in "nvidia" as the driver and
logged out to restart X.
Voila - I got the nVidia splash screen and it came up under
the new driver. I was elated.

I thought folks would appreciate hearing a success instead
of another horror story. (I have to admit, I was sweating
blood and chewing nails, ESPECIALLY since no one was replying
to my post above !)
It seems a happy ending. So far, so good.

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