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Default Linux or Nvidia driver damaging Dell laptop monitor?

I have a Dell Latitude c810 laptop. I had Red Hat 7.3 on it. I used the drivers available last year from Nvidia. I dual booted it with XP. Now I just have XP.

I'm afraid running Linux, or more specifically the Nvidia driver for the graphics card and monitor on my laptop, has damaged the screen.

I know that it's possible to damage your screen if when installing Linux you select the wrong parameters for the driver/screen. It says so in XConfig (I think).

Whenever I log out of Linux, there is a few moments before the login screen comes up. During this time, there is a white screen and there are bright, bad things happening in the area of the first few rows of pixels at the top of the screen for a few moments. It's clearly a wierd thing that shouldn't happen.

Now, I've noticed (running XP) that along that top area of the screen, there is something like we used to call "burn." When we left old CRT monitors on the same screen all the time, it got so you could see a ghost of that screen even when looking at a different screen. The pattern (usually the mac menu at the top) had burned the actual CRT pixels.

This looks just like that. I see a faint ghost of the top of an XP window, with zoom box, the close box (X), the minimize box, and the outline of the whole top edge of the window. Discoloration (?) continues to the left still along that top strip of monitor. This is permanent.

Has the monitor been damaged? I can get it replaced, but will it happen again? Anybody know of problems from the Nvidia drivers, or anything else that could cause this?

Thanks for any help,
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It's a known problem with Dell laptop monitors and has nothing to do with whatever software you are running. If you have one of the effected laptops make sure to replace it during the warrenty period.
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i also have heard that this is a known issue with the dell laptops. i've heard that power cycling the machine is a temporary solution. i agree that you should try to get it replaced before your warranty is up
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You can only destroy your monitor if you are using too high resolution and refresh rate for your monitor. Default setting are carefull and they never should damage your monitor. You can do it only by yourself. But I agree that Linux should have better system to avoid somebody to destroy monitors simply by mistake. Because monitor is expensive, the system should be totally foolproof to avoid this. Its so human to make mistakes...check out the right settings from your manual, follow the orders, please.

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