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I think anything Linux should be open source... thats just how it works.. Thats what makes linux what it is.. nothing gets better without community power. I've never had problems with nvidia graphics drivers and if I do it fixable.. Thats the great think about linux.. it may have so called "bugs" and such. But you have total control over your system... if you know what you are doing.. linux can be one amazing tool.. I love linux.. but the truth still is that its not for everyone.. its not easy enough for everyone to click an go.. it still has an experimental feel to most new drivers or software...


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Um... people? This thread had been dead for a month before it got resurrected (check the dates on the posts), please let it die again...
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I wouldn't recommend any card except nvidia for linux.

The drivers aren't perfect ... and they are not open source ...

but they are free ... and they do work well.
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tho I must say I can see why Nvidia might not want to make it open source.. because then things will rise that work on 1 card (barely) and it might blow other cards.. this is in my opinion the best way for Nvidia to keep it under controll..
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I made a poll at:


of the Best workstation cards...nVidia wins.

And also a poll of the best gaming cards...nVidia wins them all.


Yes...there are only few options for Linux.

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