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Default 169.09 6800 SLI Screen dies on X exit

First let me state that I do NOT boot into Xorg. I do NOT use kdm xmd or gdm. I log directly into the console and then start x manually. I do not run a frame buffered console.

I am currently running 2x6800 in an SLI configuration. System setup and more information available here:
http://bugs.gentoo.org/show_bug.cgi?id=213338 and here

I recently upgraded to to the 169.09 driver from the 100.14.09 driver and noticed that if SLI is enabled and i go to log out of X instead of taking me back to the command prompt the drivers somehow manage to turn off my video card. The monitor completely looses connection with the pc, however the computer continues to run correctly. If i disable SLI i can exit to the command prompt normally with out issue. It should also be noted that after disabling SLI I get about 1500 FPS faster out of GLX gears. Little crazy.

The frame difference is also noticeable in quake wars enemy territory at about 20 fps. I have tried in auto and afr mode for the sli.

Also it seems like this is an upstream driver problem so feel free to file bug reports with nvidia.

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Default Re: 169.09 6800 SLI Screen dies on X exit

I have exactly the same problem with a 7950 GX2 card.
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