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Default 9600GT and Ubuntu 8.04 Beta crashs


Some days ago i got a new Zotac 9600GT. I using it with a new installation of Ubuntu 8.04 Beta (64Bit), but i can't find a crash free driver.

First I've tried the nvidia packages provided by Ubuntu. These packages are using the nvidia driver version 169.12. I know this driver doesn't officially support the 9600GT, but i've read somewhere else (i think it was a thread in this forum) that the 9600GT will work with this driver.

First everything seems to run fine. After the xserver restart the nvidia logo showed up, the fan of the graphicscard spined down, and also 3D accelerated games (Savage2 and WoW using wine 0.9.59) run fine.
But after the first reboot the Xserver crashed on boot up (showing the nvidia log, freezed, not able to switch to console or do something else). This happens on every reboot.
If i change the driver to "nv" the xserver boots up again and i can change back to the nvidia driver and restart the xserver. Afterwards nvidia driver works until the next reboot.

I also get exactly the same behaviour if i'm using the nvidia installer to install version 169.12.

So i've tried the Beta driver (171.06 and 173.08). With this driver the starup problem of the xserver is gone. Savage2 still runs fine.
But i've got a problem with wine and WoW: after about 5 minutes my PC crashes, the screen gets black and the fan of the graphicscard spins up. Again, i'm not able to do something, switching to console or killing the xserver does not work, i have to press the power button.
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Default Re: 9600GT and Ubuntu 8.04 Beta crashs

I had more time today, and did some more testing:

I've connected to the PC using ssh and reproduced the problem. dmesg seems to give some useful debug output.
It's not possible to generate a useful nvidia-bug-report.log after the crash, cause the script hangs at the line "cat /proc/driver/nvidia/cards/0" (for completeness I've attached the partial log file, and a ps ax while nvidia-bug-report.sh is hanging).

If you need some more info plz let me know.

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