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Default TV-Out quality regression 1.0-8776 to 1.0.9639+

I submitted the following to linux-bugs@nvidia.com but got
no response (as yet). So I thought I'd follow up with a post

I'm getting significant new tearing and interlacing related
artifacts whenever I try to use drivers newer than 1.0-8776
with my MX440 AGP card and component TV-Out.

The picture with 1.0-8776 is absolutely perfect but with
anything newer e.g. 1.0.9639 fast horizontal motion gives
unwatchable interlace-related tearing.

I suspect this may be due to new EDID code trying to detect the
refresh frequency of my old analogue 4:3, PAL-B TV. I've tried
various xorg.conf options to disable EDID and restore my
1.0-8776 frequency timings under 1.0-9639 but to no avail.

I've attached two bug reports generated on my system:

1) 1.0-8776 running under gentoo on my XPC shuttle SB61G2.
2) 1.0-9639 running under mythbuntu on the same box.

I can also produce the same results if I install the
newer drivers under gentoo, but I thought you'd like
to discount the older kernel I have in gentoo with the
more modern one found under mythbuntu 7.10. I really
want to move away from gentoo and on to mythbuntu 7.10
but I'm having great difficulty getting 1.0-8776 to
install correctly and I really would prefer to use
the latest driver and solve the tearing artifact issue.

If you can give me any insights into improving the
tv-out quality on my mx440 under 1.0-9639 it would
be hugely appreciated.

Or if you could recommend a better fanless AGP TV-OUT
card that would definitely get rid of my problems I'd
happily go out and buy it.

Any advice hugely appreciated.


Doug Scoular
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